Drusilla “Dru” Rose
Angeleno • Front End Web Dev • Artist
LA based Xennial Code Tinker

Hi, I am Drusilla “Dru” Rose. Most people refer to me as “Dru”. My background is in Front End Web Development using WordPress as my main CMS. I used html + CSS + JavaScript + jQuery. Was heavily involved with the WordPress community from weekly meetup including setting them up and help run them, Attend and also help set up WordPress and Coding related events + camps + conventions + workshops, help teach the basics of WordPress with clients for over 4 years before step back to take care of a family matter. Been away for the past 4+ years, and currently coming back to coding as a hobby.

Find Me Tinkering on:
Codepen.io: DruRose • Stack Overflow: DruRose • Github: DruRose